Tribal Living Rooms was founded by Charlin T. Tamhouo. He is a hardworking man, humble and motivated man, who found his way to the shores of South Africa in 1997. The concept behind Tribal Living Rooms is the valorisation of our African culture and Heritage, and finding the right balance and blend between contemporary art and modern art. Tribal Living Rooms started very humbly, from road side stalls back in 1997, and gradually progressed to the point where we now have 2 shops at the PanAfrican Market on Long Street in Cape Town, along with a warehouse/ showroom in Woodstock, mainly for customers buying in bulk, and a workshop in Milnerton.
Most of our products are personally finished by Mr. Charlin. The raw material is imported from various countries and he personally finishes them at his workshop. This is to ensure that only products of superior quality are provided. As a guarantee for the quality of the products supplied, Charlin offers repairs free of charge for any products purchase from him. For products shipped overseas, postage is at the cost of the customer.Tribal Living Rooms also creates jobs for local South Africans who are employed at the Shops at the PanAfrican Market. Training is offered in order to acquire sales skills. Training is also offered in craftsmanship to those interested in knowing more about how to work with wood and drums.


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